Beat Black Friday — Shop Secondhand

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This year will be full of memorable holiday shopping experiences. Some wonderful, and others not at all what we expected. Supply chain and transportation issues could cause major issues if you plan to shop traditionally on Black Friday. Waiting to purchase gifts in-store could leave you frustrated by empty shelves or back-ordered favorites. We have the secret to beating this year’s Black Friday madness: shop with a local secondhand small business owner. This secret isn’t new, but it will help you save immensely and put money back into your local economy.

Not sure where to start? We have a few gift ideas you can find on or at a local Caring Transitions Estate Sale and get excited about saving.


Gift Collectibles

If someone on your gift list has a love for collectibles like classic toys, comics, sports memorabilia, early edition books or other rare finds, shopping online estate sales like those on could be the answer to finding the perfect gift in time for the holidays with convenient local pick up. This is especially useful if the gift is fragile. Gifting collectibles can be affordable when you shop secondhand. Gently used or like-new collectibles connect a person to a unique experience or memory that is often priceless. When considering gifting collectibles, do your research on your friend or loved one’s collections as well as similar items or collections online to learn what items may be a valuable addition.


Gift Antique and Vintage Items

An innovative way to share an artistic gift with charm is shopping antique items or art. From antique furniture, vintage couture clothing or household statement items there are a host of options that fit the personality of the people you love. Local estate sales and online auction sites like are packed with charming vintage and antique items perfect for gifting. It helps to look for expertly crafted items that will withstand the test of time and continue to gain value. This may mean seeking out items specifically made of durable materials like hardwood, natural fibers, leather, ceramic, steel or precious metals. If you are trying to gauge the age or value of an item, check for distinctive markings, research similar items, the artist or designer of the antique or vintage item.


Gift Jewelry

Estate Jewelry continues to grow in popularity because of the character, charm, and unique beauty found in each piece. In addition, most estate jewelry has a story to tell. Jewelry has been adorned for thousands of years and will continue to be worn. If you are looking for a gift that wows with a price that doesn’t break the bank, estate jewelry is the perfect place to start. While shopping estate jewelry, look for well-crafted pieces with sturdy prongs and clasps that show minimal signs of wear. If you are shopping for estate jewelry with diamonds or gems try to purchase items with accurate descriptive and gemological details like authenticity certificates, carat weights, dates of manufacture, condition, and materials if the item is high end. 


Gift Tools

Quality power and hand tools are a classic gift for any DIYer. They are especially important for any tinkerers project and the backbone of creating or repairing something new and unique. The savings when you purchase power tools resale are up to 40% off retail costs, while items like toolsets are abundantly available with extra savings up to 80% off retail when you shop secondhand. Tools can be expensive retail, so shopping at estate sales and online auctions can help you save on quality reliable items. When shopping secondhand, look for brands known for their utility with long-lasting or lifetime warranties that can be transferred to new owners.


Gift Small Kitchen Basics

Gifting kitchen essentials can give barely used and like-new items a second life in a new home. Small kitchen appliances are popular items on holiday wishlists, but may be difficult to find in stores. Shopping secondhand can help you find those items at a great price. Small appliances like blenders blenders, stand mixers, choppers, and food processors are not commonly used by the average cook and often sit in the box unopened in some homes. These can be great gifts purchased like new, refurbished or in an unopened box while you save half the retail cost or the frustration of searching for the item brand new. 

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