The Best Bargains and Buys for Baby Boomers

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As your style and life changes over time, there are some items that are essential for every room of your home and even your closet. For Baby Boomer’s maintaining independence is a necessity for aging gracefully. Whether living alone and aging in place or settling into a senior community, there are great “must-have” products and items you should look for to make your space work for you. If you want to shop smart, purchasing these items resale can help you save and spend more on the things you want to do.


Small Electronics

The way older adults use electronics is often different than their children. In most cases, your needs and use of electronics are based on communication, shopping, and leisure without the risk of wear and tear from rough or excessive use. This makes shopping for electronics second hand the smartest way to purchase small consumer electronics. You can save up to $500 shopping for cell phones, tablets or laptops second hand.

Fine & Costume Jewelry

Looking for extra character and charm to add to your jewelry collection? Finding a special piece can be expensive when purchased at retail prices. Purchasing pre-owned jewelry can often save you between hundreds and thousands. With prices discounted from the original time of purchase, resale jewelry can help you save while obtaining a unique item of high quality.

Smart Home Devices

Bring your home, condo, or apartment into the digital age with smart devices! Some of the handiest items in this category are smart cleaners like motorized vacuums, mops, and scrubbers. They can save you time and work with an app on your phone. If mobility is an issue, this has the benefit of saving you from slip and fall hazards that are often associated with cleaning on your own. Other devices like voice assistants and smart door bells can help you regulate when lights come on and allow you to keep an eye on who is arriving at your door. Save on items like these at estate sales , and online auction platforms like

Small Kitchen Appliances

It’s easy to spend too much time in the kitchen if you don’t have the right tools for your needs. There are new small appliances and kitchen gadgets that can save time during meal preparation while preventing safety hazards when properly used. Kitchen appliances are one of the most common items you can purchase resale. Small appliances like blenders or slow cookers can be a great buy if they are like new or in an unopened box. Avoid items that aren’t clean or missing parts. 

Table Games

Games and puzzles can be found in abundance at a discounted price. These are the perfect items for rainy day entertainment or fun with family and friends. Experts at suggest purchasing games used “to liven up the home scene without spending a lot.” When looking for great games to share, consider shopping for game accessories as well, like card holders, or playing mats. 


Season’s change, shapes change, styles change and more than likely, these changes can occur quickly. Clothing is another category of retail with a significant markup. Most of us buy clothing frequently. From basic items like shirts and slacks to more expensive items like cashmere sweaters and designer denim, we may pay from 100-350% in retail markups.  Purchasing clothing resale can save you up to 90% off retail prices.



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