Stock Up for Summer Thriftily

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Summer heat brings amazing summer savings in July and August. July is an unofficial midpoint to the summer season and often is the start to prices being lowered on anything you enjoy in warmer weather. According to financial experts at Kiplinger, products and services are typically “marked down at certain times each year. So planning your purchases to get items when they're at their lowest price can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.” 


    Here's a list of the best items to buy this summer to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest:

    Summer Apparel

    July is the best time to find the best selection of low-priced swimwear and summer apparel including tanks, t-shirts, dresses, shorts and other clothing made to keep you cool. Economy experts at Cheapism expect August and September will bring clearance sales too, but the selection will likely be smaller and limited. If you are concerned about making summer apparel purchases when only half of the summer season is left, consider buying items that work well for layered looks in the fall and winter. If purchasing clothing for children, choosing clothes a size or two larger will allow the items to either be worn next year or in August or September for the back to school season.


    The grill is a summer staple that yields amazing deals right after the Fourth of July well into the middle of August before prices increase just before Labor Day. Look for well-maintained, sturdy built items, free of dents or rust. Experts at suggest looking for “a BBQ that comes with a few goodies: a cover is essential, but others might be specialty grates, charcoal lights, gas bottles or even cook books. Try to find something that is going to set you up without having to spend another dollar.”   

    Outdoor Furniture and Rugs

    If you like to entertain, late July into August is an excellent time to upgrade your outdoor furniture. As the warmer weather nears an end, outdoor furniture is a lot less practical and popular amongst shoppers. Cheapism Contributor Raechel Conover suggests, August will bring “a semi-annual wave of new furniture models that will hit stores. Retailers must clear out current inventory to make space on showroom floors, so look for big discounts in July.” Outdoor rugs will also be discounted, and you shouldn’t hesitate to use those savings. Did you know outdoor rugs can be used inside? In many cases they are easier to clean than indoor rugs which make this a great buy for high traffic rooms and families with children. 

    Sporting Goods & Camping Gear

    Similar to June, July and August are the perfect time to take advantage of deals for anything related to the great outdoors. Baseball and golf fans can really benefit from deals in these two months. July is perfect for baseball fans to benefit from sales on hats, while August brings in great deals on golf packages and golf club sets. If you purchase sports gear new to you, you should always look to purchase goods in excellent or like new condition especially if the item is something children or young family members will use. The most important tip from experts is washing and cleaning used sporting goods and camping gear prior to using it. 

    Other items to purchase in July and August to help perk up your patio, porch, or interior in summer:

    • Tools
    • Paint
    • Air Conditioner
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