Retail vs. Resale: The Best Items to Buy in April

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Spring is in full swing! April is perfect for shopping for deals related to warmer weather, spring events, and spring cleaning. Savings expert Kristin McGrath suggests April is “the bridge between spring and summer, meaning there are plenty of smart buys to make as the seasons change.” 

See our collection of suggestions for the best buys of April from retail industry experts.


April is the perfect time to shop for cleaning supplies, tools, and gadgets. Retail trends suggest this time of year caters to those shopping for everything needed to do spring cleaning. Expect sales and lowered “prices on home cleaning and organization products, as well as on vacuum cleaners, hoping you’ll make the leap and upgrade to a newer, fancier model,” writes McGrath. Remember to consider shopping resale for vacuums as well. Look for like new items or those with minimal wear and tear.

Spring Clothing

By April, spring clothing has been on sale for close to two months. Most retailers are making room for summer apparel and offer great discounts on spring items. For an added discounts shop resale to save. From basic items like shirts and slacks to more expensive items and designer apparel, shoppers often pay 100-350% in retail markups. One of the best apparel categories to shop this month is formal wear. Experts at say the spring prom season incites “deals on formal wear to teens shopping for suits, dresses, and shoes on a budget” and you can benefit from those deals too.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Earth Day is April 22nd and retailers are ready to clear older appliance models to honor the holiday and make room for newer models by May’s Memorial Day weekend sales. Retail experts suggest looking for retailers to lower the prices on energy-efficient models and other discounted items in honor of Earth Day. Remember to shop resale at thrift stores or online on sites like to really stretch your savings.

Car Maintenance, Accessories, and Parts

April is National Car Care Month and “the first month in many where snow and sleet are (almost) a thing of the past and car owners will be ready to switch their maintenance gears from winter to spring,” says experts at This means most auto stores and service centers run promotions to encourage you to take your vehicle in for a tune-up and shop for car accessories. This month is also perfect for shopping for cars resale.

Lawn and Garden Related Supplies

Warmer weather ushers in amazing discounts on tools and appliances to get your outdoor space ready for spring and summer gatherings. April should bring an abundance of “sales on everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors, from gardening supplies to outdoor recreational clothing,” according to experts at  Wait until late summer for deals on items like hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. To find deep discounts on lawn and garden gear or gadgets year round, shop resale.

Items to Avoid Purchasing in April

  • Laptops
  • Running Shoes
  • Grills
  • Summer Apparel
  • TVs and electronics

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