9 Gift Ideas for Men 50+

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Coming up with gift ideas doesn’t have to be a challenge. Many times, finding the right gift comes down to thinking outside of normal constraints and considering gifts that fit a lifestyle or life phase for your loved one. This list has tons of cool and innovative suggestions to help you find the right gift.


The Thrill Seeker

For the senior constantly looking for a new exciting experience, giving an interest or hobby-based gift will present the opportunity to make new memories. Local senior friendly tours and activities make great gifts. Here are a few ideas you can find on websites or apps like Groupon or Living Social:

• Senior Cycling Tour
• Senior Day Trips
• Senior Adventure Travel Trip or Tour Tickets


The Outdoorsman

Do you have a senior loved one that enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing? This gift category is perfect for them. Seniors who love to commune with nature may enjoy gifts that allow them to share their love of outdoors with their family and friends.

• Guided hiking tour
• Campfire Cooking Set
• Fishing Lake Membership


The Creative

Creativity keeps the mind young, active, and increases the ability to be innovative. Gifts that allow your friend or loved one to share creative moments or culture are great for those with a love for the arts. Here are a few non-traditional gift ideas for those who thrive on creativity.

Here are a few non-traditional gift ideas for those who thrive on creativity.

• Museum Membership
• Tickets for the Theatre
• An art related class



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