Where are Seniors Moving?

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The latest U.S. census data shows that only 5% of those over age 65 occupy nursing homes, congregate care, assisted living, and board-and-care homes. So where does everyone else live?

From a “county” perspective, Florida remains on top, where over 53% of Sumter County is comprised of 65+ adults.   This is followed by heavy populations of older adults in Charlotte, FL (38%) and LaPaz, AZ (36%).

Colorado tops the list with the fastest “aging” counties, with Elbert, Routt and Douglas counties all showing senior growth rates that exceed 50%. Alaska retains the nation’s youngest counties, where 26 of 29 counties fall below the national average for older populations.

For the 8.5 million members of the senior population who currently receive care, the majority still opt for in-Home Care services (57%), followed by Nursing Care (17%), Hospice (15%) , Assisted Living (8.5%), and Day Care (3.3%). 


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