Caring Transitions Client Testimonials

"… That you lived up to the “Caring” part of your company’s name was evident from your first visit with my mother and me when you explained your company’s services to us. You were kind during a stressful time. In your conversation with my mother, you seemed like an old friend. I must admit to feeling some uncertainty when I left a full apartment of my mother’s furniture and personal belongings behind in the care of a stranger, even given that stranger’s kind demeanor. But you proved yourself to be honorable, professional and hard working. I was especially impressed with how you advised me on handling some materials you found that could have compromised my family’s privacy…."

J. Nedelman, Cincinnati, OH

"Caring Transitions was a lifesaver. We were in California, and Mom was in Chicago. When she passed away, we were left with many issues that we had to resolve from very far away. You took complete control of the situation. You worked with our estate planner on legal issues, our Realtor® on property issues, and held an estate sale to liquidate all of Mom's assets. I was really amazed at how little we had to do. The most important thing, however, was that you gave us time to remember our mom."

J. Proctor, San Jose, CA

"I was positive I would be overwhelmed by all the sorting, packing, and decisions that would have to be made to get me out of my old homestead of 40 years and into my new home. Your kindness and sincerity did so much to alleviate my fears and misgivings to make this large of a move at this stage of my life. And not only did you help me make a very smooth “Transition” from old to new, but your advice on decorating and making the most of storage made the move so much easier than I thought it could be."

E. Vogel, Belleville, IL

"My sincere thanks to you for all of your arranging, leadership, and friendship in making this task successful. I could not have completed this job alone. Your expertise lifted a ton of worry and concern from my mind."

M. DeKeyser, Newport, MI