Caring Transitions is your Total Downsizing Solution

Caring Transitions knows how to make downsizing less complicated. When you or a loved one decide to move into a smaller, more comfortable and convenient home, Caring Transitions can help you through the downsizing process. Whether you’re an empty nester or need to right-size for economical reasons, Caring Transitions can help you categorize your belongings to fit them into a more comfortable lifestyle. Our dedicated professionals can help get the highest price for your items and can arrange for storage or shipment of pieces to other family members.

In The News

President Chris Seman discusses the role of memories in making it difficult to downsize with Kathryn Raaker of WCVX 1160 AM. Caring Transitions recognizes that it can be an emotional time and is sensitive to your needs.

Chris Seman identifies how many people in the United States struggle with hoarding and why it can be so difficult to let possessions go. Listen to the audio clip with Kathryn Raaker of WCVX 1160 AM.