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Sisters start estate clearing, senior reloction business

 Posted by Chrissy Marsh-Redd on June 28, 2018 at 11:33 AM

This article originally appeared on the Gwinett Daily Post on June 28, 2018. 

Two sisters from Gwinnett are launching a new full-service estate clearing and senior citizen relocation service in the Lawrenceville and Grayson area.

Lawrenceville resident Lisa Haskell and Grayson resident Linda Miller are opening Caring Transitions of Central Gwinnett. The not only company manages senior relocations but also handles organizing, packing, de-cluttering, moving resettling, liquidations, and in-person and online estate sales. Company officials also said it prepares homes for market.

“In many cases, people call Caring Transitions at an emotionally and physically overwhelming time,” Haskell said. “With our full suite of services and compassionate team, we can reduce that stress and help you ease into the next phase of your life.”

The sisters decided to go into business together after Haskell found Caring Transitions, which has several locations across the country.

Haskell had spent 23 years working in finance in the manufacturing industry but decided to move over to owning a business. She decided owning a Caring Transitions branch with her sister would be a fit because she wanted to do something that would benefit the community. Miller, who also owns Flawless Finishes, joined as the chief operations officer.

“I always thought the satisfaction I had with Flawless Finishes was because I had the opportunity to share my experience with someone, but when I looked back at my career, I realized the jobs I loved the most are ones where I connected with someone and we’ve created a space together that they love,” Miller said.

“That’s what I’m looking forward to doing with Caring Transitions. It’s not about moving someone from one place to another. It’s about helping them see the positive impact of the move, creating a space they’ll love and helping them get to that next chapter of their lives in the best way possible.”