Entries for 2021

October 2021: Planning for the Future

 October 2021
Planning for the future includes many important decisions. From choosing the right long-term care option to learning how to tell if your home is a perfect fit to age in place, there is helpful information to help you plan for the future. Click the 'Read more' button for links to each topic.

September 2021: Creating A Healthy Aging Plan

 September 2021
Learn more about healthy aging in September's newsletter. If you or a loved one has decided to age in place or relocate after retirement, healthy aging should be a top priority. One of the best ways to ensure you are setting the right foundation is creating a healthy and hygienic environment perfect to enjoy with those you love. The physical and mental benefits of a healthy home are boundless. Click to learn more.

August 2021: Savvy Guide to Selling a Home

 August 2021
Selling a home is a big decision with lots of factors to consider. From selling your home to inherited property, there are some fundamental considerations you have to get right before you sell. Click to read more or watch the videos on our blogs.

July 2021: Sandwiched Between Stuff

 July 2021
A healthy home is important for any family. If you are a Sandwich Gen Caregiver that could include your children and parents too. Clutter-free homes are healthy environments that make it easier for each member of your household to be the best version of themselves. Learn tips in this newsletter.

June 2021: Sorting Trash From Treasure

 June 2021
Are there priceless items in your cupboards and closets? The answer could be yes! From priceless paintings to retro comics, you could have more money in your home than you think.If you are ready to sort the gems from the junk in your home, this newsletter is for you.

May 2021: Rightsizing & Relocation

 May 2021
Learn tips to manage your next rightsize move or relocation. Whether making the decision for yourself, a growing family, or determining the right choice for a senior loved one, this newsletter has tips for managing a move, limited mobility home design, and knowing when to downsize.

April 2021: Simplifying Stress

 April 2021
As life happens, we cycle through different necessities, wants and uses of space. No matter where you are in life, at some point you may realize you’ve ended up with too much stuff. And the idea of going through it all to decide what should stay and what should go can be frustratingly stressful. You can simplify the task of sorting through it all with tips in this newsletter.

March 2021: A Strategy for Saving

 March 2021
Whether saving money for right now or the future planning is essential. As we grow older our bodies and capabilities change learn how to plan for changes now and as you age using the tips from this newsletter.

February 2021: A Clear and Clutter Free Life

 February 2021
If your goal is to clear clutter, streamlining possessions becomes a necessity. In most cases, older adults and sandwich generation caregivers find it difficult to find the right home for valued items. See our tips for clearing it all to live a clutter free life.

January 2021: The Guide to Get Organized

 January 2021
If you're ready to tidy up your home, you may be surprised by the items you own that are waiting for a new purpose. More than likely some of the items cluttering your home could be used to create extra storage or organized spaces. See our guide to get organized for 2021.