Entries for 2019

September 2019: The Perfect Space to Age In Place

 September 2019
The comfort of aging in a house you’ve made a home with memories and special moments is the way many older adults envision spending the later years of their lives. Although it seems simple to stay where you are, making the decision to age in place should be followed up with careful thought and planning to maintain quality of life, independence, and a healthy environment.

July 2019: Letting Go to Leap Forward

 July 2019
After living in a home for decades, a home can become packed with items connected to memories, amazing moments, and life events. See our tips for letting go of the right items to prepare for a move.

June 2019: Finding Gems in the Junk

 June 2019
Is your attic or basement full of clutter? Or is it a spare bedroom, overflowing closet, a packed garage? Many households acquire a plethora of items over time. Eventually, you may find yourself saturated in clutter. Without a place for each item to go, clutter can creep up and quickly take over a space.Before you purchase a dumpster and toss it all in frustration, consider working through what you own to find gems in what may be perceived as jun...

May 2019: Rightsize or Relocate?

 May 2019
Moving can be both a physical and psychological process. From furniture pieces and photos that hold memories, to deciding what to purge, to the labor it takes to move each item, a plan can help simplify the moving process for anyone. See our advice and tips for simplifying your next move.

April 2019: Clear the Clutter

 April 2019
It's time to clear the clutter! We have tips to guide you through the process. Each room should have designated spaces for every item. The sooner you clear your clutter the less stressed you will be.

March 2019: Shopping Smart

 March 2019
Resale sites like CTBids.com are running over with gently used and brand new items you may be looking for. March has deals to help you enjoy warmer weather. Before shopping, read our tips on how to shop smart this month.

February 2019: The Daily Declutter Checklist

 February 2019
Clutter can compile quickly and become a hassle to clear. One way to prevent clutter from piling up is to tackle a little each day with quick clean routines.Sign up for our newsletter to see more tips on decluttering, upcycling, and making the perfect purchase.

January 2019 Newsletter: The 2019 Guide to Get Organized

 January 2019
Getting organized can be a daunting task when we abandon our plans. Read our tips to convert your plan from simple steps and checkboxes, into habits and lifestyle. With so many benefits to having an organized home, why not get started reclaiming your space?