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December 2018 Newsletter: The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

 December 2018
See holiday gift suggestions for every senior on your Christmas list. From cozy wraps and blankets to hiking and fishing, we have the perfect ideas for your last minute shopping needs. Read our newsletter and shop CTBids.com for more.

November 2018 Newsletter: The Smart Guide to Holiday Shopping

 November 2018
We want to help you shop smart! Between Thanksgiving and the first week of the New Year, consumers are bombarded with exclusive deals from their favorite retailers and online shops. According to statistics from the National Retail Federation “consumers plan to spend a total of $1,007 on average for items such as decorations, candy, and gifts as well as other purchases for themselves and their families.”

October 2018 Newsletter: The Facts and Figures of Planning for Retirement

 October 2018
During a home transition, there are many costs to consider.  For most Americans, their home is their largest asset, and also their largest expense. There are many nuances that factor into a late-life move, and many times families find themselves overwhelmed and short on time and resources. Read the October Newsletter to get tips for planning for retirement and late-life moves.

September 2018 Newsletter: Healthy Aging & History

 September 2018
September is Healthy Aging Month! We have great ideas to help you communicate history and maintain a healthy living environment. Memorable moments are tied to items of significance that tell a story or hold a part of history. A calming and enjoyable decluttered home can help you streamline and find these heirlooms while improving your quality of life.

August 2018 Newsletter: From Retail to Resale

 August 2018
With markups on retail items ranging from 50-500% and sometimes more, quality gently used or resale items are becoming more and more appealing. According to BusinessInsider.com, “[t]he reasons for steep markup prices depend on the product. It could be that the item is in high demand, is difficult to make, or holds a great amount of symbolic value.” In many cases, purchasing an item used can give you like new quality at a fraction of the reta...

July 2018 Newsletter: Is Your "STUFF" Holding You Back?

 July 2018
Has your personal property or “stuff” taken over your space? It may be time to clear the clutter from your home. Sometimes, we can become immune to the number of items we accumulate over time because it's always been there. The articles in this newsletter will help you clear space to enjoy your home or prepare for your next move.

June 2018 Newsletter: The Calm of a Clutter Free Life

 June 2018
Learn about the benefits of a clutter-free life in the June 2018 Newsletter. Get more information on decluttering for senior loved one's aging-in-place or in need of more space. Peruse the Declutter Quicklist for ideas on quick ways to make your home safer 15 minutes at a time. We even have tips on making the most of your man cave space by purging excess tools and more.Read The Calm of a Clutter Free Life...

May 2018 Newsletter: Relocation & "Rightsizing"

 May 2018
Ready to relocate or "rightsize"? Read our newsletter and find out more about the best questions to ask before a move or how to simplify the relocation process for a memory impaired loved one. Whether choosing to move now or later, you should start asking the right questions today and have the tools you need to be prepared for any move scenario.  

April 2018 Newsletter: Kick Clutter to the Curb

 April 2018
Ready to kick clutter to the curb just in time for Spring?This newsletters has a few tips and tricks as well as health benefits for living clutter free. Learn to:Declutter to reduce stressDeclutter for aging in placeand Decluttering on the thriftDon't forget to read our archive article feature on decluttering for liquidation. There could be valuable items in your basement ready for a new home!Click and read the April Newsletter now!

March 2018 Newsletter: The 2018 Guide to Shopping Smart for the Home

 March 2018
Whether your budget is large or small, estate sales and online auctions are a great way to find unique statement pieces to bring a room to life. We put together a list of items you should almost always buy pre-owned for every room of the home.
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