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Long Distance Care

 December 2013
Long Distance Caregiving is becoming a way of life for many adults. The fabric of our society has changed significantly over the past few years and we continue to experience exponential increases in populations over the age of 75. With thousands of “Baby Boomers” turning 60 every day, we are undeniably entering a time where more working adults will care for aging parents.

‘Tis the Season for Home Makeover

 November 2013
This is the time of year many of us begin focusing on the inside of our homes, rather than the outside. As the weather cools, the condition or layout of your home may be capturing more of your attention. This may be especially true if you are planning to entertain friends and family over the holidays or thinking about placing your home on the market in the spring. Even if you are just spending more time indoors to avoid the cold and snow, it’s...

Getting Ahead of the Holiday Season

 October 2013
As autumn moves in the store shelves begin to fill up with the latest trends in seasonal home décor, most of us are struck by an impulse to shop. Yet, before you decide to buy another centerpiece, table runner or ceramic pumpkin, it may be wise to take a complete inventory of the seasonal items you already own. At Caring Transitions, we believe October is an ideal month to pull all of your storage bags and boxes out of the basement or attic a...

The Probate Process

 September 2013
As the nation’s largest professional resource for household relocation and estate liquidation, Caring Transitions is often hired by attorneys, banks and family members to help support the probate process. We are often asked questions about probate and in all cases we recommend our clients seek proper legal advice, as probate laws vary a great deal from state to state. Caring Transitions is pleased to provide general information and our local ...

Sell it Online!

 August 2013
The scope and reach of online auctions have clearly exceeded levels projected a decade ago. According to recent industry reports, the e-commerce and online auction industries continue to experience rapid growth, outperforming many retail sectors and every year. More than 100 million citizens purchase goods in the online marketplace.

Self Storage

 July 2013
According to the Self Storage Association (SSA), the self storage industry generated more than $22 billion in annual U.S. revenues for the year 2012. The industry has been the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry over the last 35 years and has been considered by Wall Street analysts to be “recession resistant” based on its performance since the economic recession of 2008. The industry pays more than $3.25 billion eac...

Plan Accordingly to Ease Stress of Career Relocations

 May 2013
Just the thought of relocating for work can be stressful, but proper planning and supportive resources can help to facilitate the process. “In most cases, you’ll have a relocation representative to support you through the transition; however, it can be helpful to have a clear understanding of your company’s relocation policy and the steps involved in an out-of-state relocation,” said Christopher Seman, president of Caring Transitions. “The ...

Stress Less: Reduce Your Clutter

 April 2013
Managing the volume of possessions in our homes is such a crushing problem; it actually elevates the level of stress hormones in our bodies. At least that’s one conclusion drawn by a study on household clutter conducted by UCLA’s Center for on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF). Last summer, researchers from CELF produced “Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century: 32 Families Open Their Doors,” a book combining candid pictures of American life...

Tax Time: Charitable Contributions and Deductions

 March 2013
When moving or downsizing this spring, there is a good opportunity to demonstrate your altruistic side and donate items to charity. And while most donations are done selflessly, charitable deductions can be a big plus come tax season. To help with your 2012 tax filing and to help you receive the full benefit of your donations in 2013, we have put together a short list of items to consider.

Home Market 2013

 February 2013
In the past year, sales of existing homes rose by 11% or 4.75 million and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) expects sales to rise to nearly 5.1 million in 2013. Sales have increased across all regions and all price categories.
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