Entries for 2011

The Holiday Kitchen: Downsized

 December 2011
The kitchen is often a focal point at the holidays. Preparing family dinners, assembling a dish for pot luck and baking cookies for neighbors are important traditions for many of us, even as we downsize. “When we help people sort their belongings during fall and winter months, we ask a lot of questions and pay special attention to holiday traditions. Even when moving to a kitchen with limited space, we will do our best to find room for the ho...

Holiday Décor and More

 November 2011
The store shelves are stocked with seasonal decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and an assortment of winter holidays. Aisles of warm and colorful decor can be quite tempting for those of us who like to add annually to our extensive collection or shop for the discounts. However, if you are in the process of moving, selling your home, downsizing or packing, it may be important to pause for a moment before loading up your shopping cart.

Moving vs. Staying at Home

 October 2011
At different stages of life, you may find that your home and possessions no longer suit your lifestyle, such as when you are starting a family or have become an empty-nester. As you age, your physical abilities may change, making it necessary to evaluate your living environment once more. When this happens, many people opt to move or remodel their homes.