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Spring’s the time to get your home, business in order

 Posted by Chrissy Marsh-Redd on February 23, 2018 at 1:01 PM

Caring Transitions of North Oakland County provides a one-stop solution to many different needs

This article originally appeared in Tri-County Times on February 23, 2018

Whether you’re a senior, homeowner or small business, Debra Bourdeau of Caring Transitions can help you get your home, condo or business in order.

As the franchise owner of Caring Transitions of North Oakland County and formerly in private practice as a doctor of optometry, Bourdeau knows how to organize and help people “in transition” make a move to a new stage in their lives.

Often these services are for senior citizens who are moving from a lifetime home and possessions, to a smaller place such as an apartment, condo or assisted living facility.

“Through Caring Transitions, I can help them through this process with a compassionate approach,” she said. “Not only do I pack up their possessions, I move them in and get them settled with beds made, dresser drawers filled, curtains hung and a TV that works.”

For seniors and their families, Caring Transitions provides a huge peace of mind.

“Today’s seniors are aware of the need to have their finances in order, but rarely have their home and physical assets in order,” Bourdeau said. “This often results in a family having to clear out a home in a time of grief, when their loved one passes. This process can be overwhelming, time consuming and often leads to resentment and frustration.”

Bourdeau encourages families to take care of these issues now, so their loved one can enjoy a downsized, uncluttered place to live and the peace of mind to go along with it. “The client can pick and choose what services they need, and when they need it,” she said.

Caring Transitions specializes in helping senior citizens, but their services extend to all ages for people whose lives are in some kind of transition.

“We’ll help small businesses move into a new location and assist others who are in any kind of life transition, including divorce, job relocation, etc.,” said Bourdeau of Rose Township. “We’ll help with downsizing, organizing, relocation/moving management, clean outs and liquidation of assets via an estate sale or online auction.

A misconception some people have is that Caring Transitions is an estate sale company.

“An estate sale or online auction is one of the tools we use to help someone get organized, downsize or relocate,” Bourdeau said. “But it’s not what our business is all about. We’re a people-business, with a passion for helping people in many different situations get from one place in their lives to another.”

You can contact Debra Bourdeau for a consultation at (248) 270-6822. For more information, visit: