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Columbus, Ohio's "Best of Columbus" Award Winning Full Service Estate Sale and Senior Moving Solution Specialists five of the last six years! - Serving the Columbus Area!


We are Bonnie Mitchell and Mark Dobies and have spent the last 40 years in the Columbus area, We have seen many families struggle during some of life’s most stressful and overwhelming times, such as a divorce, a life changing illness, the death of a loved one, loss of job, or the changing needs of an aging parent. In dealing with some of these issues ourselves personally, compelled us to start Caring Transitions, a business that provides help to Seniors, others, and their families needing assistance coping with senior moving, downsizing and estate sales.

Bonnie has been in the financial industry helping people discover their financial goals, while Mark spent his time in banking working with individuals and companies to meet the goals they had set forth. Bonnie is a licensed broker with over 30 years’ experience, and is a Senior Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS). Mark has been in banking for over 20 years with an M.B.A from the University of Dayton. With backgrounds in business and special training in senior moving and estate sales, you can be assured that we will act as your on-site advocate, keeping your family’s best interests at heart. Our focus is to minimize your stress and maximize your returns , while helping you through a difficult time in your family’s life. Our compassionate employees are carefully chosen to meet your specific wants and needs.

Not only are we passionate about serving our clients, but we are also passionate about serving our community. As a respected member of the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, as well as respected member of our local community helping out with fund raising, our schools, and volunteering, we truly enjoy helping people.

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We are fully insured with a $250,000 dollar policy, See Below.

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 Caring Transitions Columbus Receives 2012 Best of Columbus Award    Caring Transitions Columbus Receives 2014 Best of Columbus Award  Caring Transitions Columbus Receives 2015 Best of Columbus AwardCaring Transitions Columbus Receives 2016 Best of Columbus AwardCaring Transitions of Columbus selected as Grove City Small Business Excellence Award  Caring Transitions Columbus Receives 2017 Best of Columbus Award 


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Columbus Areas Served:

  • Columbus / Upper Arlington / Bexley / Dublin / Worthington / Gahanna / Lewis Center / Hilliard / Grove City / Reynoldsburg / Galloway / Groveport /  And surrounding Areas. 

Client Testimonials

These are just a few examples. Just ask and we will get you in contact with them and more.

Hello Bonnie and Mark, 

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Your approach to handling the complex issue of liquidating a loved ones estate was respectful, personal and well executed. 

We could not have done this without you! 

The sell through was amazing and your approach to organizing the estate and marketing belongings leveraged all aspects of digital and print media. In addition, the execution of a very well attended on site 2 Day Tag sale was fantastic. 

It was impressive to start the process of liquidation from day one. 

Your advice and commitment to doing a GREAT job made a very difficult time in our lives much easier. 

We felt we not only executed an estate sale, but we have gained new friends! 

We HIGHLY recommend Caring Transitions approach and specifically endorse Bonnie and Mark!

Well Done!!

Thank You,

Nick and Mitzi Campbell


Dear Bonnie and Mark,

No doubt about it, you guys are the BEST!  We couldn’t have handled selling our Mom’s home and 60-year accumulation without your help!  We were impressed from the start with your professional manner, prompt visit to inventory the house, attention to detail in pricing and helpfulness all the way!  You really do provide a caring transition!

We were amazed at your vast network of buyers who bought much of the larger items even before the estate sale!  Your attentiveness on the sale weekend from selling to cleaning up were beyond our expectation!  You did such a good job getting the home ready for the realtor that it sold the first weekend!

With all the details a family faces after losing a loved one, your service makes one decision easier.  Tell people not to bother looking elsewhere for an estate seller, you guys deserve first place on everyone’s list!


Bill and Jodi Sy


Excellent overall.  The team delivered as promised. We were very pleased with how the home was carefully cleared and items were cleaned and prepared for sale.  Bonnie and Mark are very knowledgeable and did a great job getting fair prices for our estate.  They were dependable, trustworthy and delivered on my timeline.  I recommend their service and would  hire them again.   Thanks Bonnie and Mark!

George J

Dear Bonnie and Mark,

Caring Transitions helped us during a very stressful time assisting a loved one with downsizing and moving to a new location.  In just a few months, you helped us put a house on the market and have repairs done. Possessions were sorted in different areas for future retention or sale. It was a bit overwhelming for our relative and our family, but necessary to move forward.  We could not have done it without you. You showed great empathy, patience and respect for the senior going through this life transition. Both of you gave110 % in your work ethic and care.   We thank you for your understanding and flexibility along with your knowledge of resources.  We still have more to do, but we wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for being there to work, brainstorm, and bring to reality what needed to be done.


Tom B. and John B.  

Peter T.,
I was downsizing from a 2600 Sq. Ft. home into a condo.  I had accumulated a massive amount of stuff and had no idea how to get rid of it all.  It was causing a lot of stress in the moving process.  Bonnie and Mark of Caring Transitions came and helped me through the process painlessly.  They organized the estate sale and then donation of items that were not sold.  They even arranged to have a crew come in to clean the house before closing. 

Bonnie and Mark did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is trying to clean out a house in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  Their services were fully covered by the sale of house items that I was unable to take to my new condo.  I even made a small profit.


Jamie L.,

After the passing of my mother, we didn't know what to do with all her belongings. Family members had requested items that they wished to keep as a memory of her, but the rest of it felt very overwhelming to take care of. I searched online for estate companies and contacted a few of them by email one night. By the next morning, I had received a call from Mark and he requested a time to meet that afternoon. We met with both Mark and Bonnie and were very pleased with how professional and knowledgeable they were about the items my mother cherished. We didn't realize the types of items that people would purchase from an estate sale and were nervous about having an added expense of using there service. Mark and Bonnie assured us that they do not take on any jobs that wouldn't net a profit for the customer. It sounded too good to be true, but at that point we needed to move quickly to get her items out of the house because it was a rental and we didn't want the added expense of paying rent either! We signed a contract and put down a deposit for them to start working. They worked us in to their schedule about 3 weeks later. It took about a week and half of organizing everything before holding the estate sale. All the larger furniture items were sold before the sale to avoid having to move furniture the day of the sale. Mark and Bonnie took pictures of everything and listed it in several places online and in newspapers. The morning of the sale we couldn't believe the amount of people who showed up and were waiting for the doors to open! Mark and Bonnie have created quite a following of buyers! I would say 75% of everything sold the first day and about 20% the second day. What remained was donated within a few days and the house was swept clean and ready to turn over to the landlord. They had a folder of all the charges for their services, the net profit of the sale, all the receipts for donations and a check ready for us within a matter of days! We netted as much as they were paid, so it was a win win for all of us. We no longer had the burden of having to worry about what to do with everything and they got money in their pocket too! We couldn't have been more pleased with the turnaround time and level of service they provided at a time when we were dealing with so many things after a loved one passes. By the way, none of the other estate companies I contacted ever got back to me. It's important to me when a company shows initiative to contact you right away.


Frank S.,

The proprietors, Mark and Bonnie, met with us approximately two months before our house was to go on the market, explained their services and signed a contract. After we moved, they started organizing for the sale, conducted the sale, donated left-overs to a children's cancer charity and and then sent us a check in a timely manner for the net proceeds, They also had  contacts to provide two additional services for us: the installation of a dishwasher and the complete cleaning of the house. During the whole process, they were in constant contact with us answering questions we had ,and asking questions they had.  We could not have been more pleased with their services. We did not have to worry about selling items nor getting rid of left-overs. They did it all. The team they employed to clean the house did an outstanding job.The sale of furniture and other items grossed a little over $5000 and we netted about half of that. It was well worth it to not have all of the worry and hassle. I would also say that Mark and Bonnie are two of the nicest people to work with in the service industry that I have ever met. I would highly recommend them.


Leslie M.,


I refer to Mark and Bonnie as “miracle workers”!  My siblings and I, who all live in other states, suddenly had a 2,700 sq. ft. home to empty as a result of our precious mother’s passing.  To us the job seemed insurmountable.  Fortunately, Mark and Bonnie came in and saved the day.  First of all, they were trustworthy, professional, caring, and always reachable with an answer to every question or concern.  To them, nothing was a big deal – they could take care of it all.  We simply went to the house, took the necessary time to go through it and take all the personal items we wanted, went back to our respective homes and left everything else to them.  Mark and Bonnie certainly know their business.  They went through the house and got rid of everything they knew wouldn’t sell – which in our case was a dumpster full.  Then they organized and set out to the best advantage what they thought would sell. They brought in dealers for some items, uploaded pictures and sold some things online and the rest either went during the 2 day estate sale or was donated to a worthy cause. They left my mom’s home of 45 years emptied and swept clean for the next occupants.  In all honesty, I have no idea what we would have done without Mark and Bonnie.  I will forever be grateful to them for the direction, the expert service, the kindness and the calm they provided during that time. 




Ellen and Marc J.,


Mark and Bonnie,

My husband and I can not begin to thank you enough.  We have never had service like your service;  What you've done is beyond description.  We have used services like yours twice before to move our parents respectively from their homes of gadzillions of years to retirement communities and were pleased with the results.  But it was nothing like what you have done.

You did everything you said you would do, and then some.  We left a mess.  You turned it into money (and way more than we thought possible) and a house ready to be put on the market.  You got top dollar for our silver, china and collectibles just as you said you could.  I know because I tried to do it myself.  You were very up front before we were ask to sign a contract about what your charges would be and what we could expect from the sale (unlike some of your competitors).  You were always available by phone and e-mail (unlike some of your competitors).  You were meticulously honest, your charges were modest, especially considering the mess we left you with.

We've already recommended you as highly as possible to our realtor.  If you ever want a personal, over the phone referral for a prospective client, feel free to have them call us.


Ellen J., Marc J.


Glenn Zink,


Dear Mark & Bonnie

Just a note about the Estates Sale you had at the house I have for Sale.  Your Promotion brought an "Extreme" amount of activity to my "OPEN HOUSE" as well as your Estate Sale.  I was IMPRESSED!!

You have a very well run show  & nearly a complete sell out for your client!  As well as very good activity for the house sale too!!

We received an Offer during the estate sale to purchase which we are negotiating now.

Thanks again! You are the BEST!!!

Glenn Zink, CRS, Broker, Senior Associate Partner Keller Williams Advantage Real Estate 937-830-7300937-830-7300


Johnson / Dunlap Families,



Our blended family was faced with three major life transitions within the span of only five months.  We found ourselves overwhelmed with the task of trying to downsize along with the emotional distress.  Mark Dobies did for us exactly what the information brochure says.

-       Helped our family make informed decisions

-       Helped us achieve our goals

-       Truly cared

-       And had our family’s best interests at heart

 For anyone facing the upheaval and the trauma of a life transition, please consider the services of Caring Transitions.  You will rest better and find yourself in very competent hands.


Johnson / Dunlap Families


 John B.,


 Ann and Tom B.,

Mari N.,

Thank you and Bonnie both so much for all you've done. You made a difficult situation much easier, and definitely alleviated a lot of stress. I will gladly recommend you to anyone in need--you provide a "sanity-saving" service, and in such a warm and friendly manner. Feel free to use me as a reference if the opportunity should arise.  
Thank you again,



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“Ten Things To Do Before Choosing An Estate Sale Company”

  1. Learn about Estate Sales and how they work. This will enable you to ask specific questions about the process to the companies.

We de-clutter, sort, clean every item, stage and organize items, tag every item, donate unsold items to the charity of your choice for a tax donation, and leave your home broom swept.

  1. Look over the complete list of companies in your area. Call as many as possible for information about the services they offer.

Always ask for refferals. Are they an accredited member of the BBB? It is true you get what you pay for. Some companies are uninsured (we carry a $250,000.00 dollar policy) and will over price items that will not sell, take large percentages of your sales, or just leave you with a house full of unsold items.


  1. Don't let the percentage charged be the only criteria when choosing a company. A lower percentage does not necessarily mean you will make more money.

This is true. First ask the company how they conduct their sales. (Scope of project, advertising, pricing items...etc.) Our process gives a fair market value for your items so they will sell. We price items to move and the more we sell the greater your profit. A house full of over overpriced items is a house full of unsold items.


  1. Make a list of questions to ask each company. That way you are comparing apples to apples. They may have a brochure or something they can send you in the mail.

Are they insured? How do they conduct their sales? Are they professional with professional literature, practices and signage? What is their average percentage of items being sold at their sales? How do they price a sale? (Tag every item or make the price up on the fly) Do they have the required equipment to handle your sale? (Tables, accept credit cards, etc...) Do they have professional legal contracts?


  1. Once you have narrowed it down to a few companies ask them to come and meet with you. They will want to see what you want liquidated.

We always have a free in home consultations to access your needs and scope of the project. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO TRY AND HAVE A SALE Companies in this industry usually have their calendars booked up for a few weeks or months. If they are not booked out, that might be an indication of a company’s success. 

  1. Do not throw anything away before meeting with the companies.

Everything is for sale. We have sold everything from farm tractors, classic cars, to a half a bottle of Windex and a bucket of bolts. Believe us, it will sell!

  1. Realize that most companies work on some sort of percentage and hourly rate, so the more they make for you the more they make. Also, realize they may make a bid to you based on what you represent will be for sale. If you intend to take items let the companies know on the front end and have it in the contract. Make sure their cost structure cannot be changed once they begin the process.

    This is spelled out directly in our contract. We will go over the contract in detail so you know what to expect from us.
  1. Speaking on contracts, get one. That way both you and the company know exactly what to expect.

You get a full legal contract with us that protects you, your items, and your home.

  1. Make sure you feel comfortable with the company before signing a contract. You may want to check with your local better business bureau to be sure there aren't outstanding issues with the company you have chosen.

Always do your research. Ask for references. We have many satisfied customers willing to talk with you. We are a member of the BBB A+ rating. We also carry a $250,000.00 dollar insurance policy.

          10. Call Caring Transitions for the best results. We minimize your stress while maximizing your return.